Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday links, 225/04/17

Bond market reversals, the last 800 years. Would UBI harm dignity? (IMO, maybe in the short run, but we need to create a culture of dignified leisure.) "In one instance, one of the Google Homes declares itself God while the other reveals that it is actually a human." If the nightmare is capitalism falling to ultranationalism, perhaps we should also worried about its being saved by banal nationalism.

Fascist social media vigilantism in America and Thailand. Antifa reading list that admittedly could be a little better curated and is certainly not "complete," but don't let that stop you from clicking. The outside view (and premonitions from earlier in this round.) Framing the intellectual history (more on this later.)

Company towns as part of both American capitalism and the American utopian tradition. The "white working class" standing in solidarity with the whole working class, seizing the means of social reproduction, and staying home from the polls (see also.) Trump's actual social base.

RIP Joyce Appleby, John Berger, Derek Parfit. Mainstream science on race. Millian agreement and difference gives way to critical realism. "Institutionalism" "just a placeholder for 'we care about organizations as non-rational structures?'"

Why bother with old philosophy? Since I'm such a monomaniacal hedgehog should I suggest that it's to protect us from fascism? (Even if Arendt was only ever accidentally right about anything?) Real answer: it's fun so at least start listening to Adamson's podcast and then do actual reading on whatever interests you - it would be a shame to cede the field.

A statement of orthodoxy (as in "endorsed.")

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