Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday links, 225/04/24

A review of Orality and Literacy. We translated batspeak and they love to argue (only increasing my admiration of these noble creatures.) Science as neoteny. Astrobiological implications of Margulis. From the folks who brought you breast cancer awareness fighter jets.

Probably ought have posted this earlier. Maybe the dime novels were onto something. Bannon's ideology. No such thing as the white people.

"Historians for Obama" vs. the history of Obama. Nature vs. labor. Even the cold war liberal NYRB thinks the Russia scare (not just pissgate) hot air. "When you’ve been out of power for as long as the left has been... your perception of other people’s emotional investment in certain positions takes on inflated importance."

Secular stagnation, productivity, and inequality. (More in secular trends.) Mismanagerialism. Neoƶppenheimerianism?

"You might as well say that children couldn’t paint the upper half of Gorky's 'Year after Year' because they’re too short." Book recommendations from Africanists, hatcheries, materialist feminists.

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